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ADVANTESCO Peplink Training

Your path to become a Peplink Expert

ADVANTESCO provides customers, distribution channel partners, and social IT practitioners with a full range of Peplink professional training for Peplink products and technologies.

The product training course modules cover all the fundamentals of Peplink products.

Peplink's engineering certificate demonstrates mastery of the full range of theoretical knowledge and operational skills required small- and medium-sized enterprise networks.

InControl simplifies network management by aggregating network information and presenting them in easy-to-read reports.


Module 1: SpeedFusion and Unbreakable VPN.
Module 2: Peplink and Pepwave Product Line Overview.
Module 3: Balance and MAX Routers Product Line Overview.
Module 4: Wireless Access Points Overview.
Module 5: Pepwave Surf Series Overview.


Module 1: FusionHub overview
Module 2: Cloud-Based Networking (InControl2)    
• Introduction and practice
• Creating an organisation, Group and Adding Devices
• General Information about device and users management policies.
• Introduction to InControl Mobile App and Sneak Peak to Peplink Certified Engineer (P.C.E) exam.

Get trained!

ADVANTESCO offers classroom training and support in the operations and management of Peplink networks via monthly remote training. Our hands-on training lets you install your network quickly, discover how to efficiently operate your network, and learn how network downtime can be minimized through ongoing maintenance. We offer courses for New Zealand and Australia.

Peplink training

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These training will equip your team with the knowledge and skills they need to overcome any challenge.

Khairy Mohammed - PCE/PCSS Trainer
Mandy Steininger - PCSS Trainer

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