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Peplink Add-ons and Accessories

Antennas & Industrial Networking Accessories

Peplink Antennas

High Performance Antennas

Perfect match for your indoor & outdoor deployments of Peplink.

Peplink Cable and Adapter

Cables & Adapters

Install your wireless deployments faster with dedicated cables and adapters

Peplink Power Supply

PoE & Power Supply

Need an additional PoE, power supply, power cord or power adapter ? Check what we have to offer!

Peplink Mounting Kit

Mounting Kits

Rack mount & ear mount accessories compatible with Peplink devices.

PUMA Series - Common Features

Designed to provide unbreakable connectivity while traveling on the road, the Puma comes with multiple mounting options making it suitable for public safety and transportation applications.

5G Ready
5G can reach speeds 10x faster than 4G LTE. Download movies in just seconds.

IP67 Rated and UV proof

Certified quality protection from dust, water, and UV allows you to use it even in poor weather conditions.

B71 Support
Supports extended bandwidth range, including B71.

7dBi High Gain
Increased signal strength for a stronger connection and less interference.

Pepwave AP Add-ons and Accessory

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