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Peplink in New Zealand

SD-WAN Networking Solutions for New Zealands Markets

New Zealand has unique needs connectivity needs. Comparable to none. Most of the main cities and towns in NZ have fibre broadband coverage already, or installation is planned for some time soon. You can find out if the fibre has been installed in your area, or if and when installation is planned at
The Fibre broadband roll-out in NZ is currently available to 83% of New Zealanders and will be available to 87% of New Zealanders in about 411 towns and cities by the end of 2022. MBIE QUARTERLY CONNECTIVITY UPDATE

Where do you think New Zealand ranks when you look at the countries with the average connection speeds?
NZ ranks 20th position for Fixed Broadband with a speed of 129.97 Mbps in connectivity speed worldwide, even before Australia with a speed of 54.55 Mbps on 61st position. NZ ranks 15th position for Mobile Connections with 55.66 Mbps in connectivity speed worldwide. (Speedtest Global Index 09/20)


Additionally, NZ has bottlenecks in their connectivity inside NZ and to the outside. Peplink load balancer offers backup connection solutions if the primary connection with one provider cuts out, as it happened in the past years.

NZ has areas with full fibre coverage and high-speed cellular coverage and areas without or minimal connectivity at all. Peplink offers a solution for these different needs.

Country side

Peplink provides solutions that push the boundaries of what is possible

Peplink, since its founding in 2006, has long focused on wireless SD-WAN technologies. Peplink provides a complete SD-WAN solution, including edge routers that can simultaneously connect multiple fixed or cellular WAN links.

With the first 5G networks in rollout in the first roll out in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, and Queenstown, don't miss on Peplink 5G device range. At total capacity, 5G will allow devices to operate at speeds ten times faster than current 4G networks and will have under 20 milliseconds of latency, making it lightning-fast for gaming & streaming, plus exceptionally responsive for business applications.

Peplink 5G devices

Peplink Market Specific Solution

Peplink New Zealand - Branch Edge Solutions

Branch Edge

Building a High Performance, Agile Branch Network

Peplink New Zealand -  CBRS

CBRS Solution

Citizens Broadband Radio Service

Peplink New Zealand -  Hospitality Solutions


Affordably provide quality Internet access for guests in remote resorts.

Peplink New Zealand -  Healthcare Solutions


Provide on-site diagnosis by securely streaming patient data to the hospital.

Peplink New Zealand -  Farming and Utilities Solutions

Farming / Utilities

Network connectivity can be complicated without access to Fibre. 

Peplink New Zealand -  Media and Film Solutions

Media & Film Production

Get from Imagination to Production Faster with SpeedFusion Unbreakable VPN.

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